$150 PER DAY Per Person Alaska Fishing!!

Whale Pass Alaska - located on the northeast side of Prince of Wales Island, offers world class fishing and Black Bear hunting.  

Our first silver salmon run is in our bay by June 15th!!!  Our salmon runs are outstanding!  These runs are within sight of your cabins, within our protected bay.  You will have your own boat and motor to fish whenever you feel like fishing.  We have a boat for every two people.

We have 4 species of Salmon in our bay depending on the time of year you are here.  You can either spin cast or fly fish.  You do not have to troll for these fish. The action of cast fishing here is unbelievable.  No Crowds...No Schedule!  Sleep when you want, fish when you want.  

Rain gear and RUBBER BOOTS are a must.  Warm clothing.

Our store no longer carries any thing but snacks and fishing gear. You will be able to get all food when you land in Wrangell or if you drive you can pick up whatever you need at the food stores on the Island. Remember that the float planes charge 80 cents a pound for everything you bring aboard over 40 pounds.

Shipping ahead of time:  If you want to ship things for your stay here ahead of time, we will be happy to keep it safe for you until your arrival.


Jenny Vasser
Ketchikan, Alaska 99950
(907) 846-5221